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Exam Insight is a global marketplace for online industry certification practice exams, where students are mastering skills and achieving confidence for taking and passing the real certification test.


The students goal by learning from an extensive library of over by expert instructors.

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  • New and old practice exam content Fahad this list may change
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  • Quality controlled unique questions for each exam


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With over 20 years of seasoned experience and tens of thousands of worldwide members, Exam Insight’s Center for Technology Certification gets the job done!

Interactive and Adaptive learning

This is very popular today for a very good reason — It Works!  People everywhere are discovering that they can fulfill their certification exam objectives conveniently (at their own pace, on their own time) and affordably by investing in self-paced learning tools.

Now you can get the training

You desire to get certified and launch your new career in the IT industry, or enhance your existing career by advancing your knowledge. Our programs offer the most effective and comprehensive study methods in the industry, and our proven track record is unparalleled. Combining state-of-the-art exam methods with the most respected instructors and IT authors in the industry, we truly give you what you need. Our unique approach is based on the needs of both companies and individuals, and gives anyone interested in IT certification testing the most efficient and economical methods to do so.

Why Certification?

Certification provides IT professionals with credibility in the field by testing their technical competence and understanding, and has been shown to result in career advancement and/or wage increases.

Exam Insight’s Center for Technology Certification

Exam Insight is dedicated to providing the worlds computer professional with the highest level of practice exams, self-study training and certification testing materials the industry has to offer. We have extensive training packages for just about everybody.

Our comprehensive Question and Answer materials are delivered in interactive, and easy-to-understand format -allowing you to get the most out of your time! Our courses incorporate live instructors, software, audio, video, and text training and then the total experience is reinforced with exercises and practice exams to ensure that you have really grasped the material.


ExamInsight is committed to always be on the leading edge of new computer environment training products. We will always provide a quality product to our customers at a price that is within reach of most computer professionals. We strive to provide training programs that far exceed the expectations of our customers.


ExamInsight utilizes the latest computer-based training and learning technologies to give you the convenience and affordability of self-paced training with the personal attention and effectiveness of online instructor-led training. Combined, these elements provide a comprehensive training solution to get you IT certified- GUARANTEED!


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